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8 x Bread Knife7 x Wheeler 1790 - 18268 x Curious IC7 x IC Dingle2 x Norris 25 Bullnose Plane2 x Carpenters Slide Rule2 x Huge Plumb Bob1 x The Practical Carpenter and Joiner.1 x Fruit Knife1 x Sale of Antique Tools Catalogue 1979 April1 x Hand Drill1 x Plumb and Level1 x Handbook of Technical Instructions for Wireless Telegraphists1 x More Saw Sets1 x Preston 13731 x Messum Protractor1 x Grease Box1 x 3/8th Mathieson Dado1 x Complex Moulder1 x Horse Groomer1 x Footprint Tools1 x Engineering Drawing 2.1 x BPM from 1700 by W. L. Goodman5 x Victorian Bread Knife1 x Soviet Rocketry1 x Marples Spokeshave1 x Beam Boring Machine1 x Interesting 18th C Moulder1 x Liskeard Town and About.1 x Brass and Ebony Mortice Gauge1 x Brace1 x Chariot Plane1 x Sale of Antique Tools Catalogue 1978 May1 x Panel Plane2 x Oil Stone1 x Some Meters1 x Cornish Shovel Handle1 x Richards Penknife.1 x Bridled KIMBERLEY Patent Plough Plane.1 x Plough Plane Irons1 x Emir Plough Plane1 x Jewellers Screw Driver1 x Painting Troubles & Their Remedy1 x Rare Ebony Framed Brace1 x Bruzz Bruzzle1 x Small Shears1 x Gunners Rule and Inclinometer.1 x Rigging Knife ( M.O.D. Pattern), Wooden Handle1 x The Welding Encyclopedia1 x Atkins and Sons Back Saw1 x Principles of Transistor Circuits1 x Axe Handles Weights and Length1 x Plumb Bob 14oz1 x Woodwork Notes and Practical Hints1 x Even more Saw Sets2 x Ecord 77a Bullnose Rebate Plane1 x Norris 271 x Garden Roller1 x Whetstone1 x Chamfer Plane1 x New Catechism of the Steam Engine2 x A History ofTin Mining and Smelting InCornwall1 x Along the Camel1 x Dingle Moulder1 x Chamfer Plane.1 x Do you Know Cornwall 1 x Edward Preston 13551 x Ball and Roller Bearings1 x Cordage and Cables Stoppford1 x Floor Board Cramps2 x Beech BlockPlane1 x Locks and Hardware1 x Chamfer Shave1 x Beech Chamfer Plane1 x Switching Systems and Applications1 x Treen a Book of Gougework1 x 1953 Buck and Hickman 1935 19641 x One FootFour Fold Ruler Hockley Abbey No 11501 x Luthiers Clamp1 x Eclipse Saw Set 791 x Buck Compass Plane.1 x Boxwood Slide Rule.1 x Small Hollow.2 x Semiconductor Circuit Design1 x The Wheelwrights Shop Sturt2 x ABC's of Transistors2 x The Moors of Cornwall2 x The Beauty of Cornwall2 x Design in Woodwork and Other Crafts.1 x Chisel-Elevator.4 x Joinery and Carpentry 6 Volumes5 x Farmhouse Clock1 x Dynamo and Motor Attendants & their machines1 x Norris 22 Shoulder Plane?1 x Cork Borer and Sharpener1 x Small Block Plane1 x Ornamental Turned Box1 x Jim Again1 x Pruning Knife 22 x Norris A51 x Norris No 22 x Coach Builders Plane1 x Eclipse 77 Instructions1 x A General History of Porcelain1 x Mikkelsen Sheath Knife.1 x Philco Training Manual1 x Silver Fruit Knife1 x Chester UK Ltd1 x A Walk Around Liskeard1 x Lathe Handbook No 11 x Joseph Cooper Brace1 x Silver Fruit Knife JYC2 x Clifton Spoke Shaves 500 and 550.1 x Disston 10 Inch Brass Backed Saw.1 x Small Tools Alfred Herbert Ltd1 x J. Howarth Spokeshave1 x Hand-Book of Slojd1 x Grease Box1 x Disston SawsTools Files Catalogue 50 E 1 x The BOC Handbook for Oxy- Acetylene Welders2 x Seamans clasp knife1 x Concerning Hand Saws.1 x Drag Knife1 x 6 oz Plumb Bob2 x Dormer Catalogue No 111 x Large Screw Box and Tap1 x Chog1 x Daisy Grubber1 x Satellite Communications Systems1 x Pruning Saw1 x John Hall Tools 19661 x The Life and Work of Henry Rice1 x J. Rabone and Sons 1ft 4Fold No1152 Ruler1 x Hand Saw Makers of Britain1 x Chip Carving.1 x Boxed Combination Bead Plane.1 x Swage Block1 x Newtonian Attraction1 x Devon Shovel or West Country Handle1 x Norris 50 G Gun Metal Smoothing Plane1 x Silver Fruit Knife MB1 x Six Walks in South East Cornwall1 x Lathe Work Paul N.Hasluck1 x Preston Chamfer Shave1 x Sale of Antique Tools Catalogue 19801 x A Survey of the Principles and Practices of Wave Guides1 x Electronics for Technician Engineers1 x Jim Peters1 x New Essentials of Upholstery1 x Nash Tyzack Industries Ltd1 x Kunz 1011 x The Model Engineers Handbook1 x Malvin Dovetail Saw1 x Clasp Knife1 x Delage 19051 x Disston Steel Backed Saw1 x John Hall Tools1 x Mechanics Part 1 Statistics1 x Bismarck Plane1 x Isaac Aston Rule1 x Cornish Connection1 x Preston 1232 level1 x Sorby Socketed Gouge3 x 1961 Eclipse Catalogue1 x Caradon & Looe1 x Glove Measure1 x Calvert Stevens 881 x Small Coachmakers Bead.1 x Mathieson Waisted Level1 x Some Saw Sets1 x Griffiths Dado Plane1 x Single Sideband for the Radio Amateur1 x Another Fleam1 x Mathieson Panel Plane1 x 100 Years on Bodmin Moor1 x I Sorby Hollow and Round.1 x Dibber1 x Net Makers Needles1 x Disston Dovetail Saw 10 inch1 x Barrel Knife1 x Marples Mortice Gauge3 x Tallow Box1 x Huron3 x Story of the Saw1 x 2 Foot 2 Fold Ruler1 x Conic Sections2 x Side Rebate1 x Planecraft 19591 x Fleam1 x 1/2 Inch Rebate Plane1 x Grinding Lapping & Honing.1 x Chamfer Plane1 x Harvey Frost Winch 21 x Moore and Wright Ctalogue No 491 x Rare Preston style bullnose plane1 x Sale of Antique Tools Catalogue 1978 November1 x Antique Woodworking Tools1 x Buck 1 Foot Four Fold Rule1 x Rope Server.1 x Practical Sheet and Plate Metal Work1 x Discovering Bodmin Moor.1 x 8 Inch Back Saw.1 x 2 oz Plumb Bob1 x Norris A2 Dovetailed Smoothing Plane1 x Geometriclal Drawing for Srt Students1 x Low Angle Skewed Chariot Plane1 x Beautiful Brass Mortise Gauge1 x Green Lane Walks in South East Cornwall2 x Admiralty Pattern 301.2 x 1948 Eclipse Catalogue1 x Guide to Broadcasting Stations1 x BNIB Stanley 751 x Engineering Drawing and Design2 x Gun Turnscrew1 x Rabone Chesterman1 x ISDN Explained1 x The Modern Motor Engineer1 x Smart and Brown Precison Centre Lathe Model L1 x Plough Plane Irons