Cork Borer and Sharpener



An antique apothecary's tool for sharpening, the device  cuts a cork to the right size to fit into a bottle as a stopper.The device that cuts the cork is known as a "cork borer".  It is no more than a brass tube with a sharp inside edge.The blade of the sharpener is quite thick and blunt.  The brass tube is pushed onto the cone and the blade is pressedagainst it with your thumb while twisting the tool so that the blade sharpens the outside edge of the tube.The devices are still made today but out of solid metal.  The borers are usually used to shape rubber bungs rather than cork ones.    

In good condition, blade hinge is stiff, handle has no cracks or splits

Overall length of tool = 7 inches. Cone = 3 inches long, 7/8 inches diameter at base.  Blade length = approx. 3 in