Engineering Tools.

Engineering Tools.

  • I tend only to keep Britool, King Dick and Snap-On spanners and sockets, mainly imperial sizes, and usually carry a fair amount of stock.

  • Also have a large selection of taps and dies, Whitworth, B.S.W., B.S.F., Brass, Model Engineers, Conduit Thread, British Pipe, Hydraulic Pipe, Gas Cylinder, I could even have B.S. Buttress, Cycle, and possibly Cordeaux, Edison Screw, Bottle Closure.

  • American U.N.F. and N.F. Now and again French auto-mobile, German Lowerherz, and Sagenwinde and very occasionally Horological -Progress – Elgon – Waltham etc..

Main problem with all my taps and dies is rooting through my stock, so far have only been able to sort out the common best selling types, so if you enquire just bear with me, it can take time.

Additionally I stock reamers and measuring tools, collets, pin vices, vices. Now and again old power tools, pillar drills and lathes. As I get older I have given up on the large heavy items.