Measuring Springs


Looks like some of my customers have difficulty in measuring the spring size they require.

Hopefully the following  'photos will help. I have used a pair of Felco No 6 secateurs as an example, which in this case works out to be a 55mm spring. Measuring between the two spigots is a few mm less than than 55mm. (Note that I am not referring to the tip of the spigot, but the base of the spigot, as shown in the 'photo)  As  a word of caution,  spigot diameter in generally are around 3mm, their are however some secateurs with quite large spigot sizes,

If the spigots are rubber/compsition and worn, bite the bullet, throw them away and treat yourself to a new pair.  Now and again I  have good quality refurbished secateurs which can be a worthwhile buy.

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