Paraffin Stove


Superb Rippingilles Stove.

    Appears to have had very little use.

    Wick is near full length.

    I am using this at the moment to roast chestnuts.!!

This is collection only.

Some History:

Stove inscribed "Rippingilles, Alexander Rippingille (d. 1895) founded a lamp company in Aston, Birmingham, about 1875: this became the Albion Lamp Company by about 1888. By this time another member of the family, Frank Rippingille, had founded another patent stove company - also in Aston- and the two appear to have been in competition until Frank Rippingille's firm closed in 1903. Then - renaming itself Rippingille's and continuing in business making heaters and cooking stoves out of the Albion works in Aston- Alexander's firm continued to 1971 when taken over by Valor Ltd.

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