Preston 1355 Bull nose Rabbet Plane



The Edward Preston plane 1355 is a 10cm long fixed sole, adjustable bullnose plane made in the early years of the 20th century.

The plane can be used left or right handed and can be laid perfectly flat and used on either of its sides to trim rebates, shoulder lines and tenons.

The Edward Preston 1355 bull-nose plane is equipped with a blade adjusting mechanism. The blade adjuster control is located at the rear of the plane in the form of a knurled nut. The adjuster is used to control the depth at which the blade will cut

Good length of Preston cutting iron left to use. Good clean condition.

 Quality  plane.  I have it discounted due to chip at mouth rear.

1900 - 1934

Copied by many, never achieved the original Preston  quality.


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