These are some of the valves I wish to sell, must go as a single job lot, email me for a complete xls file which has types and quantities. The valves came from a calibration lab that I used to work in and I have only recently found them again in the loft, so make a reasonable offer and they are yours. Postage will be expensive as you can well image. You are always welcome to collect. eMail for further info.


U52 VR105 VR105/30 VR66 VT112/6AC7 XC12
NSP1 OA2 OB2 OM4 QS75/20 QS95/10
EM34 EM80 EM81 EY84 EY86 EZ35
6AU8 12AT6 12AU6 12AU6 12AU6 12AU7
5687 5725 5963 5964 5AM5 5V4G
6AH6 6AK6 6AK6 6AL5 6AM4 6AM5
6B6A 6BA6 6BA6 6BH6 6BJ6A 6BQ7A
6CB6A 6CD6G 6CD6GA 6CH6 6D2 6E5.
6K7GT 6K8 6K8 6P15 6Q7 6SG7
6X5GT 75C1 85A2 8D3 A1714 A2134
CV132 CV132 CV133 CV133 CV136 CV136
CV287 CV287 CV326 CV329 CV3930 CV3998
E180F E180F E280F E686 E810F E88CC
EC52 EC91 EC91 ECC81 ECC82 ECC88
EF50 EF54 EF55 EF804S EF86 EF86
EL822 EL84 EL84 EL86 EL90 EL90

R18 S130 STV 85/10 U41 U41/1B3GT
G55/1K GZ30 GZ32 L63 N77
12AX7 12AX7 12BA6 1X2B 3TF
5Z4 5Z4 63-SPT 6A7 6AC7
6AM6 6AS7G 6AU6 6AU6 6AU8
6BR7 6BS7 6BW7 6C4 6CB6
6E5GT 6F33 6J5 6J7GT 6K6GT/VT152
6SJ7 6SJ7 6SK7GT 6SN7GT 6SQ7
A2293 ARP/35/3058 CV1054 CV1067 CV118
CV138 CV1832 CV217 CV2209 CV2209
CV449 CV491 CV5843 D63 E180F
E90CC EA76 EAC91 EAC91 EB91
EF184 EF184 EF37A EF42 EF42
EF86 EF91 EF91 EF92 EL31
EL90 EL91 EL95 EL95 EM34