Record 405 Multi Plane.


This is a complete boxed Record 405 Multi Plane,  In very good condition.

Standard Record 405 Cutters. (23 in Total)

Plough(Plow) and Dado Quanity 11 (1/8th Fitted in Plane)

Beading Quantity 7

Sash Quanity 1

Match T&G Quantity 2

Fillister Quantity 1.

Slitting Cutter Quantity 1 (Fitted in Plane).

Long and Short Arms.

Adjustable Depth Gauge.

Adjustable Beading Stop.

Sliding Section Depthg Gauge.

Slitting Cutter Stop.

Cam steady.

How to use leaflet which is a bit tatty.

Please eMail for a Post and Packing Price.





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