Record 712


Record No. 712 Skew Rabbet Plane.

The skew cutter in this plane, together with the perfect balance, ensures smooth cutting with very little effort. fitted with an adjustable depth gauge which can be detached when necessary.

The skew cutter also enables the plane to be used for rabbeting across the grain.

First introduced in Catalogue No. 14, published in November 1935.

Manufactured 1935-1943

Length 8 5/8 Inches

Weight 2 1/2 Pounds.

Iron Width 1 1/4 Inches

Construction Cast with tungsten cutter.

Featured With Skew cutter, Depth Gauge.

Uses. Rabbet, Rebate, Skew.

Good condition, This is a very early version. Regd.Design 807853, the depth gauge is a replacement, not at all unusual, as these are commonly lost. Very little of the blue finish remains, however this is a good plane.