Secateur Spring Volute Spring


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Volute springs used as Secateur springs, these are available in various sizes. A volute spring is a compression spring in the form of a cone, designed so that under compression the coils are not forced against each other, this allows for varying travel. These are available in the following sizes, please select the size you require  from the drop down box. You will be able to adjust quantities and sizes during the check out process.

Sizes available are:

Code No.             Free Length

                         inch                mm

BB 681          1.625                40

BB 682          1.750                45

BB 683          2.000                 50

BB 684          2.250                 60

BB 685          2.500                 65

BB 686          2.750                 70 

Felco Spring Sizes.


Type 1 40mm Bore 4mm Bobs Tool Box Type . BB681

Type 2 45mm Bore 4mm. Bobs Tool Box Type . BB682

Type 3 50mm Bore 4.5mm. Bobs Tool Box Type . BB683

Type 4 60mm Bore 5mm. Bobs Tool Box Type . BB684

Type 5 70mm Bore 5mm Bobs Tool Box Type . BB686



Standard material: Carbon Spring Steel.
Standard finish: Blue finish.(may occasionally supply as chrome plated/stainless)

The price displayed includes postage to all UK. Areas.  For countries other than the UK please eMail..


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