Unique Spiers Panel Plane.


Patent applied for dovetailed steel panel plane of Plane-O-Ayr design.


We believe this is one of the earliest forms of this plane style  dating from between 1910 and 1915.  The plane is of dovetailed steel construction with the old style gunmetal lever cap with the markings as can be seen in the photos (which is rare in itself). The front knob is ebony with an insert brass collar for the securing screw. It is noted in the Nigel Lampert book on Spiers that a number of these very early Spiers planes of this design had an ebony front knob which is totally original. The rear fully enclosed handle is rosewood with matching insert brass collar for the securing screw, the handle is in perfect condition with a repaired  crack to the spur. The plane comes with a Marples backing iron and an almost full length 2 1/2  parallel iron by Marples, we believe both to be original as the fit is so snug and the mouth so tight. As can be seen the plane has had  very useful  life. The size is 13 3/4" long by 2 7/8" wide with 2 1/2" wide blade. 


Lovely figured mahaogany tote, with ebony front klnob. The rear tote has a well executed repair on the spur.

An absolute mst for the collector/user at a very competitive price.